Can u drink alcohol while on antibiotics?

Im taking clavamel for sinusitus, can i drink while taking it, in moderation?


You can do what you like, but don't bother taking the Clavamel if you are drinking ANY alcohol, since that will prevent it from addressing your infection....the idea is to take the entire course of antibiotics WITHOUT interfering with their operation until the infection is cleared up...


no bad idea.


ask a pharmacist. they are the last word on drug interactions.


You CAN, but you SHOULD NOT. Can means physically be able. No one can stop you from doing something that will harm you.


If you do you will weaken the effects of the antibiotics, if not nullify them completely.


No you have to wait until you have completely finished your antibiotics.


The Antibiotics can amplify the effects of alcohol on your system, specifically the liver. It's best to avoid alcohol when on them.


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