Ekg reads no heart beat, blood is pitch black, anyone know what this is?

I went to the doctor, I was feeling strange so they did some bloodtests (which all came out perfect). I did notice though when they took my blood it was pitch black (I am not sure if this is normal or not for some people). I then returned again for a follow up, I was still feeling strange. They tested my blood pressure, which was high, so they suggested I have an ekg. I felt lethargic and dizzy when they took it, the ekg read 6 times no heartbeat, each sheet looked like a straight line, I then took a deep breath on the 7th reading and it showed one large upward spike that stretched out and covered about a 4th of the page and then another smaller spike upward toward the end of the page, the doctor looked at it and said "thats impossible". The nurse re-tested everything before they ran each ekg. I have though noticed recently if I accidently cut myself shaving it doesn't bleed but still heals. I am alive and fully conscious so I'm sure my heart must have been beating, just not hard or fast enough for the ekg to read it. The condition is a type of lethargy, with needle sensations that occur erratically all over the body, it also caueses a very strange feeling thats difficult to describe of an intensely deep sorrow that can feel euphoric, very clear visual hallucinations of people and things which look like demons (best to describe it), and very intense dreams. I have also had a scan of my brain previously that came out normal. I was wondering if anyone else may have had this same condition, or knows what it is?


I had a look online and came across a yahoo question. One of the answers was a user with black blood and fast clotting. She was found to have cyanide poisioning from an oil refinery nearby. You could have any sort of heavy metal toxicity. A hair analysis test can indicate vitamin, mineral and nutritional deficiencies as well as heavy metal toxicity that has occured over a long period of time.

Yahoo answers:…

Heavy metal toxity symptoms:…

Other possibilities that cause excessive blood clotting, which it sounds like you have, are on this website. You may be suffering from bradyardia (slow heart beat). You should have another another doctors office. :)…


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