Do breast cancer lumps hurt?

Do breast cancer lumps hurt?


Sometimes it can hurt. Mine did. I was diagnosed 6 years ago this month with breast cancer. Even having the car seat belt across my chest was uncomfortable until I was able to have surgery.

More often than not, however, if you find an painful lump it is probably a cyst. They can get more painful just before your period. When in doubt its best to get it checked.


Most don't - pain is rarely a sign of breast cancer.

When a breast cancer lump is painful, it's usually because it's advanced. Mine hurt by the time I noticed it, and was stage 3.

I used 'breast cancer lumps don't hurt' as a reason for putting off seeing a doctor for several months.

Most breast lumps aren't cancer; over 80% of lumps considered suspicious enough for biopsy turn out to be benign.


I had seven breast tumors which had metastasized from an ileal primary cancer source. No, they did not hurt - they were painless. Get yourself checked if you have any concerns.

EDIT: Just read Lo_mcg below - I used 'breast cancer lumps aren't easily moveable' as a reason for putting off seeing a doctor for several months. Duh.


All the literature tells you that breast cancer is painless in the early stages.

A painfull lump is much more likely to be a cyst than breast cancer.

Mine, like several other posters here, was quite tender, but then mine was stage 3 .....


No. They don't.


NO not always. By the time I felt the lump in my breast it was too late. My entire breast had to be removed. Also several lymph nodes were taken out and tested positive. I had major chemo.

Get checked asap.




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