My blood sugar level is 129,is it normal?

129 before lunch,is it normal?


It depends...

Is it after 8-12 hours of fasting? If yes, then it is high.

Accepted range for "normal" is up to 99.

Accepted range for "pre-diabetic" is up to 120, and that makes 129 high.

If 129 is after a meal (within 2 hours) then it is normal (up to 140 is acceptable)

Nov 20 at 7:50

yes, mine is 125

Nov 20 at 11:36

It's a bit high... But not by much. I wouldn't get terribly concerned over a single reading like that.

Nov 20 at 15:45

well.....the norm is below 100 today..........if this only happens occ then ok.............ya insulin is not working right or not enough produced...ya need a 2 hour glucose test to tell for sure..ask doc to order.....................

Nov 20 at 20:17

ummm yea... that is high if you hadn't eaten anything for a few hours... should be 70-90 after not eating for awhile, low 70s when you wake up due to overnight fast. Get it checked out by a doctor, you could have prediabetes.

Nov 21 at 1:13

The normal is actually 80 - 120. My daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes and we have been through every diabetic doctor around and that is what I was told from all of them. I wouldn't worry too much on the one reading though, as you may have had something to eat prior to it. If they had you fast though for so many hours before hand then maybe get another test done to make sure.

Nov 21 at 6:31