Quickest way to reduce swelling after tonsillectomy?

so, i'm 16, 17 real soon, and i just had a tonsillectomy. needless to say, i am in ridiculous amounts of pain. probably shouldn't be on the computer. day one (today), i'm supposed to drink cold liquids, and tomorrow i'm supposed to start on things like jello and pudding and such. only problem is my throat's so swollen, i can barely stand swallowing the ice water i have. the ice is supposed to help with the swelling, but is there a faster way to help me recover? maybe even make it a bit easier to stand swallowing?


Swelling refers to the increase in size or change in shape of a part of your body. Almost all people have swelling at some point in their lives. Some cases of swelling are mild and go away on their own, while others need medical treatment.

To reduce swelling, use an ice pack on your throat every 30 to 45 minutes or as needed. Expect to be swollen for up to two weeks after surgery. If you swelling lasts beyond two weeks, contact the doctor who performed your surgery.