Craving soil, sand, dirt, gravel and even concrete. why?

so for more than a year now iv had bizzare cravings for gritty earthy substances such as gravel, chalk, clay, brick, and mostly damp earth or sand.

i never acted upon such cravings and i often chomped on sugar or other edible gritty foods. But recently they have gotten much worse and i find myself nibbling on tiny chunks of brick, sucking on stones from the garden and even more worryingly, eating handfuls of sand whilst i was staying in Turkey.

this really worries me as i know these substances are bad for me and are not normal. suggestions please?


What you are describing sounds a lot like Pica, a disorder in which an individual will crave non-nutritive substances (a.k.a. things that aren't usually considered to be food).

The cravings you describe are all common within the disorder; the presence of pica often suggests that you may have a mineral deficiency. In many cases this mineral is iron, which can be found in most of the substances that you named. Your instincts take over once your body becomes aware of this deficiency, causing you to crave materials containing the deficient mineral. Unfortunately, as these substances are non-nutritive, eating them won't do you any good.

Pica can also be a sign of a mental health condition. My best advice to you would be to visit your doctor, a nutritionist, or a dietitian and explain your symptoms and their duration as best as you can.

Best of luck!


This is a mental disorder. You should talk to a doctor who handles mental parts of the brain. With the right trreatment these cravings should stop. Please speak to someone as soon as you can because if you wait and act on these cravings it can lead to some serious health problems.


You're obviously turning into a larvitar.


well usally when ever you get cravings for weard stuff like that it usally means your PREGANT [and i now i spet pregant wrong i thing but ow well]


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