Why do i have a bone sticking out of my wrist?

It looks like a ball when i put pressure on it it hurts a little?


You are probably pushing on the head of the ulna, which is one of the pair of bones in your forearm. The ulna runs on the outside of your arm and I imagine where you are seeing it is on your wrist below your pinkie finger. The other bone is the radius and runs from the elbow to the wrist on the thumb side of your arm. The wrist has many bones, tendons, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. If pushing on the bone hurts, don't. It is meant to move and articulate in a specific manner, if you make it sensitive or cause an inflammation of the nerves and tendons in the area it might start hurting all the time.Be glad it's there doing its job and try not to worry with it.


sounds normal to me. so it goes.


Ya broke it!


Everyone does, that's not abnormal.


If you look right at your palm and feel the side of your wrist that's closest to the middle (The side that can touch the other wrist when you put them together from there), if you feel a bone, that's pretty normal. They shouldn't stick out -too- far, but you should be able to feel a lump there.