Hit my head, have a small headache. Just a 'normal' headache?

Today me and my parents when to the lake with our dogs. I was sitting in the back on the right side.

We were going around some curvy turns and upon one sharp turn I hit the right side of my head on the plastic knob that opens the small side panel window in the back of my dad's truck. I knocked it pretty hard but not TOO hard. It didn't bruise or cause a knot to form.

This was when we were leaving though. I had a headache when we were at the lake. I live in Austin Texas and it's allergy season so that might be the reason.

It's just gotten worse ever since I hit my head. It's not too bad. There's pressure on each side of my head. My mom said it's just a sinus headache.

Is it really just that or could it possibly be something else?


it sounds like your previous headache has been amplified by the knock on your head.

when you have a headache your skull will feel very sensitive and if it gets knocked then it will feel worse. Only you can determine how bad your headache is because only you can feel how much more pain full it became after the hit on the head. I advise telling an adult about your headache and telling them when it gets worse and better and what sensation it is giving you (dizzy, confused, sensitive to light, throbbing)

:) x


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