Middle school shots do they hurt?

I was told that you need shots for middle school. is that correct. I have my check up today and am wondering if I will need one. Also, i had a chicken pox shot 3 years ago do I need it again thanks


You won't need a chicken pox shot again. You didn't need your first one.

They'll feel the same throughout your life. Just get used to getting shots as pretty regularly for everyone at some point in our lives we become dependent on them to stay alive. Think of it as like getting a very expensive and effective pill or vitamin that works immediately.


shots only sitng for a second, don't watch and you will be fine. i don't think you get a booster shot (a second shot) for small pox. these type of shots do not hurt.


The T-Dap shot kills the day & week after. You can barely move your arm it's so sore. In my school, we had to get it in the 6th grade and every week, someone would be out of gym because they couldn't move their arm.


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