My right eye keeps watering ..?

Is it weird that ONLY my right eye is always watering ? It waters at random times .. & my left never does that . It just recently started doing this !


It is called "dry eye" symptom, usually triggered by allergens in the air or wind. The tears producing canal for some reason produces too many tears, by thinking that there is not have enough tears. You can take anti allergy med or supplements to strengthen the eye. It is real nuisance but there is not much to do about it. There is surgery to correct the canal or expensive eye drops called Restasis I think. I have same problem in both eyes but the left is so much more. I took supplement for the eyes and it helped a lot.


poke yourself in the other eye


You could have pink eye


Mine has been doing that a lot lately. Its from my eyeliner, its irritating my eye recently. This usually happens in the winter with me, theres nothing you could do except give your eyes a rest from makeup for a day or two and put eye drops in them.


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