Is my arm fractured? Or just badly bruised?

I was walking down my stairs and I fell. I hit my left arm really hard about 2 inches under my wrist on the pinky finger side. I almost cried but I was screaming in pain. At first my arm got really swollen and red. I couldn't move it at all. My mom put an ice pack on it and touched where it was swollen. I screamed and started crying. It hurt really bad. Now it still really hurts. Here are my symptoms.

Big swollen lump where I smashed my arm (about 2 inches under the pinky side of my wrist)

Bruising on underside of wrist and on the lump

Able to move wrist, but when I move my wrist down I get a sharp pain

Hotness on lump and wrist

Pain when moved thumb and fingers too much

*What do you think I could have done?

*What should I do?

Also I made a doctors appointment for Monday to get it checked out. I'm just wondering what you think. Also I have been icing it and it's still swollen and painful.

I also only want real answers!


Jordyn, here is what you should do. Go to an emergency room and get it x-rayed. The reason there is a good chance that it is broken lies in one of your statements. Movement in the fingers and thumb are painful along with flexing of the wrist. If you cannot get to an emergency room then have your parents take a magazine and place it on the forearm. Wrap the magazine with an elastic bandage. Make it tight enough to hold the magazine in place but not too tight that it causes pain. This will help to stabilize the arm. Continue with the ice until you are seen by someone.


Sounds like a fracture but the only way to tell is if you get an x-ray.Go see our doctor as soon as you can. Try not to move your wrist around much because if it is fractured you could be damaging it even more.