Will snorting sleeping pills make them act faster?

I have massive insomnia and my pills aren't as effective as they used to be, is it true that if I snort instead of swallow the they'll work faster?


Please do not listen to people like James Tangney because doing something like that would be lethal. I hope he was joking and I hope you know that! Insomnia is very difficult to treat. Very often people need to take more and more pills. There are sleep therapists out there who can help you - it's a matter of changing some of your habits - such as eating the wrong foods at night, going to bed too late, watching tv too late, and so on. I hope you can manage to get off the pills. Good luck to you.


Swallow! dont snort cuz it can kill you! not kidding i heard it b4


It is not true.

You should see your doctor to try to find another solution. Maybe you should up your dose, maybe you should switch to a different medication.


Yes, but if you want them to work really fast you should grind them up, dissolve them in distilled water and then use a dropper to pour the liquid into your eye. That is the quickest way to get the drugs into your bloodstream short of intravenous injection.


Snorting those pills isn't going to make them any more effective than swallowing them!

You may want to find a more effective medication(sleep aid).

Snorting any kind of medication can be dangerous,and it's not recommended.

Your question makes no sense!

Your wanting faster results by snorting pills that are no longer effective.This makes no sense whatsoever!


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