Constipation Help(Serious Question)?

I am 13 years old, i have been constipated for 1 month now(ik wow) I am scared to take a crap because i know it will be HUGE and it will hurt my asshole which is small. I told my parents

Its either what you guys say or some diarrhea medicine. I need help I am scared to poop.

please answer


I understand your concern. This is quite common in Teenagers because teenagers usually lack the right amount of fiber in their diet or by drinking to much milk .

Constipation is best treated by making changes in your diet to include more fiber foods.

.For immediate relief try a stool softener. Most of these medicines are available in the pharmacy over the counter and do not require a prescription. They include Metamucil, Milk of magnesia, Citrucel, mineral oil or Senokot.

Go to this website to read more and how to treat this condition.…

With just a few changes you will be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.


You should take a stool softener and let nature take it's course. That's the only way it's not going to hurt.


Take stool softeners and after eat dried prunes they help with constipation.


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