How to unpop your ears!?

No, there is no water in my ear

No, I didn't sneeze and plug my nose.

No, I am not at a high altitude.

All I know is that this is super painful and making me light headed. A lot of pressure in my right ear. I would gladly appreciate it if this would 'unpop' or something. :/

Suggestions on how to unpop your ear?


Block your nose and breath out,

Chew gum,


Here's a link to ehow. It'll tell you ways to pop your ears. (: Good luck!…


try yawning, it usually does the trick


You can't its like popping a ballon or bubble, you'll just have to wait. Try using a qtip to clean them out


Q-tip.. or hold your nose and breath out

sometimes gum but not alwys thats usually when in airplane, also moving your jaw around can help


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