Throat burning after whiskey?

Me and my friend were taking a shot of whiskey (Like, half a shot even.) and when I put my head back I hit it into the cupboard so started laughing and didn't completely swallow the whiskey, and it kinda lingered on my throat. I drank some soda, and then milk, to get rid of the burn. It hurt so bad. Now my throat feels irritated, I have to keep clearing my throat, and coughing sometimes.

Will this go away? How soon would you think?


That's called drinking... Whiskey has ~40% of pure alcohol and that's why it burns. You should drink some juice or eat something few secs after a shot. That helps... and yes the burning will go away. Next time if you can't take pure shots make yourself a cocktail. You can find recipes online.

P.S Whiskey is kinda good to simply mix with cola. It's a cheap way out... 5oz of coke and about 2oz of whiskey should be ok.

P.S.S Hmm.. No offense but from this question I think that you are too young to be drinking... I won't moralize about how you shouldn't drink but I suggest you to start with lighter drinks.


No, you can be honest. This is what you get for deep throating.


I believe that's normal, hun, but if you do feel the need for some extra re-assurement, a trip to the doctor never hurts I suppose


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