I've got dizziness in my head while seeing stars. please explain to me what is going on.?

in a week im turning 13, and whenever i get up from bed im perfectly fine. but i start to walk for about 2-3 seconds, i become a little dizzy and see stars, then i unable to see anything. my head feels all fuzzy, and i feel unstable. it has gotten to the area where i have to hold a wall in order to not fall down. my head feels like it was brainwashed. Ex. - i got up from bed and i had to use the restroom. but when this situation happens, i dont know what im doing, where im going or where i am. all i know is that this is happening. i also feel extremely lightheaded. this lasts for about 4-5 seconds, and after that my head feels extremly warm, not by touch, but i just feel it being really warm in my head. with that, i have a small headache which lasts about 10 minutes. it has also happened in other areas, when im kneeling and getting up or when im sitting and getting up. but mainly it happens when i get up from bed, and it happens everyday. it has been going on for almost a year now. i dont know what this situation is, if it is minor or major, if i should worry about it or not. also, if anyone knows about this, please explain it to me as i am a very curious person. thanks alot guys!


What im seeing here is orthostatic hypotension- read about it- and youll likely to see the symptoms u just mentioned such as dizzy spells upon getting up from the bed. This is caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure after changing body positions. Orthostatic hypotension though is just a symptom and not a disease---- it is however caused by possible underlying diseases/health problems such as anemia, among others.

As always, if you have concerns about your health, especially with signs/symptoms which are so unusual --- go see your doctor. everyone on yahoo answers cannot diagnose and were all taking guesses. good luck with your check-up.


well when you get up from bed and continue to walk, your head is draining the blood that was up there and going back down to your body. It is normal. That is why school nurses always say "dont get up too fast" and "sit 20 sec before walking away" in the morning. drink plenty of water, your body detoxis itself all night and it's best to get all that junk flushed out of your system.dehydration also is an explains the dizziness/lightheaded feeling. I had the exact feeling that you had. Also, if your blood is moving quickly in your neck, it can also be a sign you need excersise. hope this helps.


well this happens to me when i'm DEHYDRATED. So if you haven't been drinking much water lately, drink at least 6 glasses a day.


No one but a physician can tell you what is going on, and not without an examination. Tell your parents that you think you need to see a doctor and make an appointment ASAP.


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