My middle finger is swollen! HELP!?

Okay I know its random my middle finger is swollen, but I am 13 years old who is really clueless on what I am doing in my actions. This is how the facts goes I was with my family walking to the car because we are getting a basketball for my cousin, and when my cousin heads to the front door I put my right hand where the door suppose to close because I have to climb in the car of the sliding automatic door that I open. While I try to climb in my cousin closed the door on my middle finger of the 2 parts above of it not the bottom part because its okay. It HURTS and I was worried that my finger might be broken. It swollen because it little bigger than my normal middle finger it hurts when I touch it because I am using pressure to see if the bones are good. Help :'(


I would not suggest "using pressure" to check for a possible Fracture. Check to see that you can bend it normally. If you cannot bend it like you can your other finger, there is a significant possibility it is Fractured. If there is any obvious deformity (it looking out-of-shape), there is a good chance it is Fractured as well. You can use an Ice Pack covered with a cloth to hold to your finger to reduce swelling. I would walk-in to an Urgent Care Facility, or any Clinic to find out whether or not it is broken and to get a Splint to ensure it heals properly.


The ice pack is always good but you may not be able to bend the finger just because of the swelling. Sorry it's the middle finger, that can be embarrassing.


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