Have i chipped my elbow?

On Christmas Day (9 days ago) i fell off a chair and put all my weight on my elbow. When i did it, it hurt a lot and so i applied ice to it. Now i can move my elbow but there's an unbearable pain in it when i touch i certain part of it and it feel as though there's a ting fragment of bone rubbing against the elbow. What should i do? Is there a possibility its chipped and if so what will the hospital do?


I had this same thing happen to me. It's very likely you chipped it. It happened to me 5 years ago, and I never went to have it looked at. Every once in a while ill bump my elbow on something and it hurts so bad that it will almost make me pee a little. I heard that they will dissolve after a long time, but mine has not in 5 years. There must be an actual chip or bone fragment in there, because I can feel it. If I were you, I would see a doctor, if it is in there have it removed, its unbearable to deal with it. You don't realize how much you place your elbow on stuff until you chip it. Sorry if I have frightened you...but its better you have it examined and xrayed


I can see with my X-ray eyes that there might be a [possible chip. To confirm that, you should go see a doctor.


you'll get a far more reliable answer from a hospital than you will from the rag tag caravan of strangers on here


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