I put a Q tip up my pee hole?!

I doesn' t hurt and it isn' t stuck my " area" is kinda sore bc it' s dry but it wasn' t a used Q tip I was new and I doesn' t hurt, But just wondering will I get sick or something?!? ( FYI: I am 12)


are you a girl or boy? that changes the matter a lot, and either way, it would hurt a lot if you are either sex. i dont think this question is answerable until you revile your gender.


Why would you do that? ._. And yeah, we can' t help unless you reveal your gender.


It will probably be ok this time since it was a clean Q-tip. I know that people your age experiment with things and that' s ok as long as you' re careful.

If it starts to hurt when you pee then yu might have an infection. Otherwise no problem :)


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