My neighbor is a psychopath - how to get her to leave me alone?

I moved in a year ago and noticed my neighbor doing really odd things, which have progressively gotten worse. I've been reading a lot about psychopaths and I am convinced she is either one or has some sort of other mental problem.

To list just a few things: everything we have bought - she has bought afterwards...including stove, fridge, couch, dishwasher, gazebo, clothes among other things. I do mean the exact same brand, color - everything.

She sometimes pops out from behind a bush after a long conversation between my husband and I.

She parks her car in front of our house instead of hers.

She has thrown chocolate in our yard in what I can only assume was an attempt to kill our 3 dogs which resulted in me having to check our yard before letting the dogs out for the last 6 months.

Every time I go out the door she comes out two seconds later. I have literally never been in my backyard without her watching me from hers.

She has harassed every other neighbor within a few block radius but I seem to be getting the brunt.

And the straw that broke the camels back was she took off the fence boards between our yards and took the vertical boards off of her side (we had a good neighbor fence) and nailed them backwards on our side so that the ugly part that was against the horizontal boards is now facing my yard. I actually caught her in my yard during the day. She seemed indifferent about the whole thing saying that it's her fence and she's decided to give herself more room on her side and told us not to paint it or she would sue us.

Anywase, I could go on for a while but we have decided to move and will have the house up within the next few weeks. In the meantime is there anything I can do to get her to leave me alone? Has anyone dealt with this kind of person?


Yes, I have had a neighbor like this for 35 years and because I put the fear of God in him at the very start, he has learned to leave us alone and concentrate on harassing his other neighbors instead of us.

Now, if this fence does belong to her, and it is on HER property, you have no say about what she does about it. And if you don't want to move, simply put another fence up right next to hers that is higher so that she can't see over it and your yard is blocked from her view. (Get your yard surveyed because Her fence might be on YOUR property.) Then, get a sign that says, "Keep Off This Fence-No Trespassing" and nail it to her side of the fence. Now, she is legally warned to stay out of your yard and stay away from even touching your fence or throwing anything onto your property. And if she violates this notice you must call the police often and repeatedly so that you have a record of her harassing you and trespassing on your private property.

And if she persists in parking in front of your house, perhaps the lawn sprinkler should be placed near the curb and her car for awhile every time.

Yes, The only way to deal with a psychotic neighbor is to make them afraid of you and keep the law on your side.


As hard as it is, I would just grin and bear it. Don't get involved in creating any more problems or she may make it difficult to get the house sold. Good Luck!