Uncontrollable screaming and crying fits? Stress?

I have had these before but I'm just trying to figure out what they are and how I stop them. So I basically am always under stress, no matter what. I freak out about everything and always feel like there is something terribly frightening just around the corner in my life. I've had test anxiety where I cry during a test because I'm afraid of failing, and then I go home and scream and cry uncontrollably because I'm stressed and am afraid of everything. But this time it was different, I was with my boyfriend and he kept trying to kiss me but I told him I didn't feel like hooking up and he said okay and then kissed my cheek and then I just started bawling and he had to take me home where I proceeded to scream shake and cry uncontrollably. I also felt afraid of everything and was in the fetal position for a long time. What are these feelings of constant fear and these fits of sadness/rage? I am an eighteen year old female, btw.


There are two reasons for this; your hormones are out of whack, or you have a mental illness. Your first step is to go to a personal physician and have a total blood workup done. Tell him the problem and he may be able to target the test to specific things. If he can't find anything wrong in your blood work, then go to a mental health professional. Usually these things are caused by chemical imbalances in your brain. They can be easily treated with medication.

Every emotion is controlled by chemicals in your brain: adrenaline, dopamine, whatever. When someone jumps out from behind a corner and scares the crap out of you, it is adrenaline that makes you feel scared. It is an instantaneous dose that makes your brain react in a millisecond. The same is true for happiness, sadness, grief, trepidation, caution, anger, attraction, repulsiveness, etc. Your personality is not something that you control; it is controlled by the glands that produce chemicals and hormones. Your personality (your likes and dislikes) are governed by chemicals. You have no direct control over what you like, desire, hate, etc.


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It might be Anxiety Attacks, I had a similar problem. Like for instance, I worry about some thing and when I really need some thing, I flip out and start yelling and screaming...then my parents get angry and yell back, then they threaten to put me in a group home for troubled teens for a week or two. I've also been in a adolecent unit, itt KILLS me when I have these out burst and it is uncontrollable some times, I usually cry when I fail to do things, or demand for things I want or need. My mom, lets me see my therapist and I have a psychologist for anxiety medication. Maybe it can help you at this point, I take anxiety meds...its starting to help. But it is VERY hard trying to stop it.


This probably isn't the best place to ask those questions, and that sounds pretty serious to me. I would strongly recommend that you get a referral to a counselor as soon as you can so you can start finding out what's going on. Do you know any school contacts (teachers or counselors) that might be able to refer you to someone? How about your doctor? Perhaps your parents can help you find someone to start with. The hardest part is the actual starting, but those episodes don't sound like too much fun to me, and I doubt very much that it's going to get better on its own any time soon. Could easily get worse, of course. I wouldn't put it off, if I were you.

#4 I said before.....anxiety disorder.....see a doctor.


panic attacks - go see the doctor


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