I can't sleep on Adderall, and I really want to...HELP?

I took 20 mg of Adderall (regular, not XR) over 16 hours ago and I can't sleep. I've been trying for hours. I'm so exhausted but it's like I just can't turn my brain off. What can I do? I have work in a few hours, I'd like to at least a little sleep...


Did you just recently start Adderall? Or have you been on it for a while?

I started Adderall a little over 1 month ago and I couldn't sleep at all. Even a 10mg XR kept me up all night long.

I switched to the IR(30mg 2x a day) and it was better, but I still have to take my 2nd dose at 12pm NO LATER or else I can't sleep. They say that the IR only last 4hrs, and that may be true as far as concentration goes, but I know I can't sleep worth a damn if I take it after 12pm. My point is that if it is the first couple of weeks of taking it, then your body has to adjust to it. But if you have been taking it a while, then you should probably talk to your dr about a diff ADD med. DONT GET SLEEP MEDICINE, that shiz is addicting and will ruin your sleep forever


one time i took like 60mg of phentermine, similar to adderal. and well i stayed up for 30+ hours straight. its just the medacine you feel tired but the chemicals are telling your brain F you. so you cant go to sleep


Well from what I know, regular Adderall wears off in several hours, so I'm guessing this is something else. Did you eat recently? Caffeine? Stay up past your usual bedtime by say 30 mins to an hour and gone past that stage where your not sleepy anymore, your actually awake more? Stress?

I really cant see why regular adderall, or hell even XR would still be in your system after 16 hours.


Stop crushing the Adderall into a fine powder, mixing it into a few mls of warm water, sucking it up into an oral syringe and lubing it up before you insert it into your anus and squirt it in for a dopamine-adrenaline rush! How dare you! >:[


Get up and do something kind of boring, then try to sleep again.

If its really important day tomorrow just pop some tylonol lol.


I take 60mg of Adderall a day, I take one to two Benadryl and I sleep very deep.


Count backwards from 4000, in 4's. It sounds stupid because your mind has to work to do it, however you'll soon get bored and just want to stop because you're becoming tired, then just stop and you'll shortly fall asleep!

Good luck! =)