How many sleeping pills would you have to take to kill yourself?

im not an attention seeker i share an apartment with my friend and both of us cant sleep we take about 4 each but we're still wide awake after they should have taken effect. we dont want to over dose due to wanting to get some ******* sleep. i think we are taking Nitol or something like that cant remember


if it is that bad, go to a Doctor and ask for something a little bit more powerful. Ambien or Lunesta is great sleep aids. But be very careful if you get Ambien. It has addictive qualities. Other than that just try to do something else than watching TV or being on the computer. Try to read right before bed or work out 3 hours before bed.


Taking more than the directed amount can harm your stomach/liver. (As far as death though, some suicidal people take a whole bottle or two and still survive with severe brain damage, so it's much more than what you're taking now.)

If taking more than you should doesn't help, you probably still have too much energy, or you should try another brand.


attempt to put yourself in a relaxing state for half an hour then do something that will make you lose energy and make yourself tired, then try sleeping, still if that don't work then talk to a doctor, me i have had problems sleeping for a long time, i admit that i have tried relaxing turning myself off then doing something tiring, i can go two three days without sleeping, i just don't want to talk to a doctor, i think my reason is because when it very quite in my room even when its not silent, i hear noises like the sound of static tv, or a helicopter taking off, or just buzzing in my head, things like that it drives me crazy but. try just plugging out also try turning off all things like TVs computers/laptops and do it by the wall, not on standby or the button on the tv. it might help. if you still just cant get sleep and roll over time after time ask the doctor to give you something to help you relax turn off and sleep.


Take them as directed on the bottle and you won't overdose.


instead of taking pills you should go out for a run or get out and do something that would get you tired


Nytol is hardly a sleeping pill, it's just an OTC sleep-aid and mostly harmless. You need earplugs and the ability to hit the switch on the computer to shutdown.

Sleep will follow.


Report your neighbours!