Proper name for fear of being held down? how do i get over it?

(Ex 1: Whenever anyone tries to restrain me or hold me down, even when simply tickling me, I will kick and scream and start bawling, and i cant help it)

(Ex 2: When I went to a church all-night jam, they had entertainment hired, including a guy who could get out of a strength jacket. I couldn't breathe and was shaking, sweating and having a panic attack, i had to leave the auditorium. Even now typing it i feel nauseated and i'm trembling)

I think I know what past experience caused the fear, but what is it called? And if you know, how can I get over the fear? And please don't answer if you don't have actual advice or an answer. Thank you very much(:


Hey, you have a phobia which is associated and caused by anxiety and panic. You can get over it but it's gonna take some hardwork and courage but you can do it. You totally need to look at this website. It has a full list of phobias and also the answer to your other question in regards to handling, managing and getting through it. Check it out. It is awesome! Use this resource and you will be just fine. Pay special attention to the exposure therapy page.

Best of luck


insecurity? maybe.. bondage haha i dunno