Open ended questions for psychiatrist interview?

I'm doing a prject which i have to interview someone who is involved in the career i want to go into. I want to be a psychiatrist. For the project i need 5 open ended questions for if i were interviewing a psychitrist. I think questions along the line of how did they get where they are. If someone can help me i thank you from the bottom of my heart!


1. Why made you decide you wanted to be a psychiatrist?

2. What's your favorite part about this career?

3. What's the hardest/least favorite thing about this career?

4. What things did you look for when deciding which school(s) to go to?

5. What can I do now to better prepare myself for the schooling and career ahead of me?


umm.... possibly ask where they started off in their career and where they are headed in their career (for growth and development in their career), so like, what the starting off position is, and what the top position is, but make it more so that who you are interviewing can explain and go into detail about where they are etc

just a suggestion and i really hope this helps :)