What can i do to keep my glasses from rubbing my ear?

DONT say just get them adjusted. i have. these are my work glasses, and i have to wear them with ear muffs (like head phones, in place of ear plugs). my safety glasses only rub on the left side, behind my ear. the most recent suggestion from the optometrist is to get a glasses string- that has the big rubber string to hold it on, and cut the string, and keep the styrofoam that attaches to the glasses arms (like this string-… but, i can't find anywhere that sells the string.

so, can you suggest something to be done to keep my glasses from rubbing my ear?


take them back and just keep getting them adjusted until they fit like they should. orr... get some styrofoam or something like that (think placemats- you might be able to find some soft enough, or a peice of memory foam, or some plain foam....) and use glue to attatch it to the arms. be creative. wrap it with yarn! (make sure it's really soft)


my frames come with these little pads on the side to prevent that. Maybe get frames like that?