Is this normal with Keratoconus?

My husband has keratoconus and has been told he needs a cornea transplant on his left eye as soon as it has healed (he has a cut on it that was leaking fluid thanks to our 3 year old knocking him). i have been putting his ointment in for him (some sort of antibiotic - cant remember what as he has taken it to work with him) This morning i got quite freaked out as the middle of his eye looked like it had a bright blue cloud over it, my husband insists its ok and would be something to do with his treatment but im not convinced. It was covered by an eyepatch on doctors orders for 3 days last week (coming off on friday night) and he is back again at the clinic wednesday. My husband has gone to work as he isnt worried at all but I could see what it looks like better than he can (both his eyes are badly affected just the 1 a lot worse than the other) and its really freaked me out!


Sounds like your husband has corneal hydrops, which is fairly common with advanced keratoconus. It's not a good thing by any means, but if he's already seen doctors and a transplant is in the works, then he's probably doing okay. Keep doing what the doctor said and try not to worry!