Swollen, Sore, Red Eye Lid (feels bruised but isn't)?

my right eye, in the outer corner is sore.

My whole eye lid is swollen, it started to swell before sleep last night but has been a recoccuring soreness for a couple of weeks now. I'm seeing my fiancee tomorrow after six months apart and im nervous as it is already.

I heard it could be a STYE.

If it is, what stage am i in?

Will it get worse, will i get a pimple.

How can i stop this NOW?

I tried to book into my GP but they're busy for the rest of the week.

Please help?


Book into an Optometrist as well - they've spent long enough studying ONLY about the eye and eyelids. Lid edema and styes and all that come from a bacterial infection or inflammation due to bacterial "exotoxins", for which antibacterial agents are pretty useful. However, which one I can't tell. If you can pop into an optom earlyish then you'll be able to start treatment soon :)

The fact that it's been ongoing for a while suggests more of an inflammation or a stye - the more milder, chronic conditions that have now become too annoying for you.

Lastly, you can't stop it now - treatment's usually about a week. However, a cold-compress might be able to help take the edge off your agony - a small towel soaked in cold water. I have doubts about using an ice pack.