My new ps3 slim gets warm ontop near the back and blows out hot air, is it normal?

my ps3 slim gets warm on top near the back and blows out hot air adn the fan is noticable loud, is this normal? (this all happens within half an hour)


Well yes that is where the hot air gets expelled from the back vents and the fan is near the middle left side of the PS3 so of course its normal. My slims been doing that since I first got it 3years ago, its fine trust me. Now if it gets super hot to where you can't touch the PS3 then it is starting to overheat.


yes, it happens to me all the time


i live in India, it is very hot here, so when i say it's normal, you can take my word for it.


Well yeah but you need to have room so the ps3 can blow the hot air out cause if doesn't have enough room to blow the air out then the system will get hot and it will get ylod cause I have the fat ps3 and yeah I have enough room so the system could blow the air out cause everytime I touch it it's not even hot it's normal and yeah just let the system have room to blow the hot air out