How long to phone companies have to wait before they reuse a number from a stolen phone?

I bought a new phone yesterday on Tesco Mobile. I got a text from someone with a common name so I text back asking which Chris (as you do when you don't know which Chris). It worked out that we don't know each other, but he started calling me over and over.

It turns out the number I'm on now is the number of his friends stolen phone, and I have had call after call tonight from many different people shouting at me, threatening me, sending texts etc because they think I've bought the stolen phone off someone. (I'm not bothered about the threats and stuff, it's just annoying because it's a new phone and I shouldn't have to deal with it). I've been blocking the numbers as they come in using the reject list on my phone but they keep ringing on different numbers.

My main question is should I have been reissued a number from a phone that is (as far as we believe them) stolen this soon?


It used to be at 6 months for unused (i.e. you chose to give it back), but its upto the company.

STolen ones, as you are finding out should be much longer.

Though quite why someone should

a) be trying to call a stolen number so long after

b) not only not believing you.. .but actually harressing you (An offence) is pretty poor.

You could go to the police (and certainly threaten to do so if they do not stop)

As a simple fix, go back to Tesco/their help number and ask for a new number ... which they should do, and argueably offer you some compensation for putting you in that position in the first place.


Please ring tesco mobile and tell them whats happening they will be able to help you.