How often does Mcdonalds change its happy meal toys?

Is it weekly? Im also wondering if you could buy all the toys at once?


As there are many regional differences in toy releases McDonalds happy meal toy promotions vary in length around the world.

In the US McDonalds changes its toy promotion about once a month although a toy promotion can be shorter as we have seen with the the Shrek Forever After Watches which were promoted for just 2 weeks (June 11 to June 24, 2010).

In Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region the happy meal toy promotions of Shrek Forever After toys is 5 weeks as the set is made up of 10 toys - 2 more than the North American set.

The typical size of a McDonalds happy meal set is 8 toys - 2 different toys being given away each week over a month.

Complete sets are often for sale on eBay.

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Each month


Well usually they change the entire set of toys in around a month, but if they sell a lot of those toys they keep them longer, and if you want to collect them all go when they come out, before they run out of a variety


I know it's not weekly (for changing the series of the toys out). I think McDonald's follows the most recent trends, and when they've either run out of those toys or have an outdated trend, they'll switch to whatever they have in stock until they get a new toy.

And it never hurts to try to buy them all at once. Take a shot at it and see how it works out.


They usually change the series of toys every month or so, but the actual characters/sets they sell usually change by week. You could probably go and buy them all at once, though. It all depends on how quickly your McDonald's gets the toys shipped in.


no its not weekly i think it might be bi-weekly. and sometimes they don't always have all the toys in at once in fact they normally get one out... then use that for a few days, then another and so fourth so that the kids don't get the same toy. if they go two days in a row they probably will though.


LMAO, BEST QUESTION I'VE SEEN IN AGES....... And i think it's every month.