Are white pumpkins good to eat?

During the fall, I see the big jack-o-lantern pumpkins, pie/sugar pumpkins, and white pumpkins at my local Wal-Mart. I was just wondering if the white ones are good to eat.


be very weary of white pumpkins. they have found commonplace use as medicinal cat treats but they are a class A controlled substance. im sorry to inform you but if you are caught in possesion of a white pumpkin you could face up to 6-11 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. additional risks to posesing white pumpkins is they release a sweet aroma that attracts any north american grizzly bear within 67 miles. so be on the lookout...that means you vermont! so personally i would suggest disposing of your white pumpkin stash or obtain a liscence from your state government and purchase protection against grizzly bears




White pumpkins are actually edible to eat. Cut it open, remove the outer layer of the white pumpkin and slice it to the size of you choice. Make sure you are not cutting the pieces to big because then it won't bake in the oven.


I Dunno good question look on google


They have been bred for the white skin but they are not bad. We buy Pumpkin to bake like any Winter Squash.


same as the orange ones.