Can Hot Peppers Hurt You?

I was wondering if eating hot peppers actually hurt you. What's the worse that can happen if eaten?


It could probably contribute to ulcers. Food high in acidity always can...

The only physcial pain I get from hot peppers is the burning sensation it leaves in my bowels and...well...on the way out.


Countries whose cuisine regularly incorporates the use chili peppers (Thailand, Indonesia, et al.) have higher rates of esophageal cancer. Of course, correlation doesn't necessarily equal causation, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, unless you have ulcers, acid reflux disease, or you compulsively eat massive amounts of scotch bonnet peppers daily for many years, then you won't have a problem. Eat away.


the capiacin peppers kills the bacteria that can cause ulcers. Thats why those kinds of stomach problems are largely unheard of in ethnic groups that eat lots of hot foods.

Many find that it is the other ingredients in hot sauces and other hot foods that cause the stomach discomfort, not the peppers themselves.

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There are many health benefits to peppers in the component that makes them hot.

Many ethnic groups eat tons of hot peppers and the spice finds its way into desserts and other sweets as well.

I would think that if hot peppers were so bad, then most Mexicans, Thia, Vietnamese, and other Latin and Oriental ethnic groups who eat many hot foods would have all died out or at least stopped eating them.

The worst that can happen?

The morning after poops that burn like fire.....


Are you serious? not at all... that's why they are sold in local grocery stores....


I have never had a problem with that. The hotter they are the better they get. I am so use to habaneros the next on my list is to go to Bhut Jolokia. Those are the hottest!


Peppers can actually hurt you if you constantly eat them every day. They are spices that take away the lining of your stomach, leaving it vulnerable to the stomach acids in your stomach. This can cause disease and sickness. But if you eat them occasionally, then the lining can heal. So eating hot peppers will not hurt you then.


if you eat a lot you can hurt your tongue.


spicy is never good for your stomach