What "Type" of dog do people in China eat?

I know they eat dog, breed them in their on "farms", and such. But I'm very curious knowing what type of dog they are eating, this is fumbling me. No affensive to Asian/Chinese/Korean/ect. people, they have their own ways, and so do we. So...can anyone help me out here? :)


I think it may be regional. I have seen German shepherds used in northern China, but I suspect that it may be because these dogs also produce fur, which is then used in coats. People say that black dogs are supposed to be better tasting, but they also say that about black pigs--so take that for what it is...

I recently saw much smaller dogs for sale in South China. They were for sale in a market (i.e., they were already cooked) so I couldn't say what breed they had been, but certainly smaller than a shepherd.

Long story short - I think it doesn't matter much.


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Slow dogs, with short legs...


Hi, Stitches

I googled this question, and according to Wikipedia, and as far as I can tell, it doesn't matter. Check out Wikipedia and enter Dog Meat, and see what you make of it.


i believe the philipinos eat shepard or any type of herding dog maybe terrier too out in the outskirts of the city.


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