What can I do or eat to make me REALLY hyper?

Okay, so when I'm hyper, I'm crazy and hilarious. I LOVE being funny and crazy with my best friend. When I'm hyper we laugh SO hard. What can I do to make my self hyper?


Anything with lots of sugar will make you hyper, but be warned there is usually a nasty crash afterwards plus its bad for you. That aside, caffeine and sugar are the best combo for fun hyperness- soda, latte, etc. Just don't make it a habit or you'll have all sorts of awful side effects from not being able to sleep, bad skin, teeth & stomach problems, etc. Have fun in moderation and find ways to make yourself hyper naturally without 'drugs' like sugar. Personally I find that exercise give me a kind of 'high'- try going running for 20 minutes or something, lol.


Cocaine... not that I'm recommending it, but I've heard its like caffeine times 1000.


eat a lot of suckers, drink gallons of really sugary drinks, jump around alot, laugh at stupid stuff to get in the "mood", eat cookies,

overall just raid your fridge for anything with SUGAR!

that'll do it for ya:)

yea and ur not alone, i LOVE bein hyper. it's so fun.


Caffeinated Coffee and dark chocolate always does the trick for me


eat spinach,duhh!


Exercise hard and fast for like 2 min, you should get adrenaline through your veins, it keeps you alert.


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