I can't stand eating meat anymore! Can someone help me?!?

okay, so like these past 3 days i've been eating meat right, like i have all my life...

but, i just can't stand it.

i'm totally scared of being unhealthy!

i was a vegetarian about a year ago, but i only lasted 2 in a half months.

but, i was never eating vegetables.

i basically lived off veggie burgers & junk food those 2 vegeterian months.

but, i really wanna switch to a real vegetarian.

is it really hard to transition from eating meat to veggies?

i've literally never had veggies, my mother never showed me how to eat them...

so i'm basically in love with fruit, but i wanna eat veggies too!

how can i switch!

& fast?!




Okay, I completely understand where you're coming from.

I've been a vegetarian since I learned where meat came from when I was like five. My parents told me and I started sobbing because I was eating animals. Haven't eaten meat since, nine years later. And you know what? I've never ever eaten vegetables either! I practically live off of fruit and grains!

But, I'm trying myself to start eating vegetables, so here's some ideas-

-Try mixing chopped up veggies in pasta, or another non-meat dish until you get used to the taste.

-Instead of going for some other unhealthy snack, just take some type of vegetable and munch on it without thinking about it too much. Close your eyes, imagine you're about to eat something else- whatever works for you. Its all about getting used to new food.

-If you're worried about not getting proper nutrients from vegetables, than try a multivitamin (these things literally changed me. My hair is shiny, my skin is clear- I know it sounds stupid, but they seriously do work)

-Start slow, and keep pushing yourself. Even if they don't taste good, try and try again. You WILL get used to them, and eventually they'll be the perfect addition to any meal.

-Start ordering a salad when you eat out. Eat it in between bites of your main meal or in between sips of your drink to get the taste out if you don't like it. Also- dressing works wonders

-Try dipping them in something that you like, again, just until you get used to them.

These are just ideas, and they seem to be working pretty well for me, especially the first one!

Good luck! We need more vegetarians in the world! :) Plus, its so much healthier!


Dear Veggie-in-the-making,

First of all, many people believe that vegetarian diets, especially vegan diets, lead to better health. The more veggies, fruits, and whole grains in your diet, the healthier you will be. In World Peace Diet, Will Tuttle says that no human needs animal protein to be healthy; in fact, there has been a lot of evidence that it is actually unhealthy, as Dr. Fuhrman shows in his book Eat to Live. The fact that you even tried once before means you're on your way. The fact that you know you'll have to make the transition to veggies is a good sign, too. I have been vegetarian on and off for half my life, but only in the last year have I fully succeeded on a vegan diet. This was inspired by watching the movie Earthlings and reading the book Vegan: A New Ethics of Eating. Now that I let myself know the truth about the animals I was eating, I will never look back and feel great. So I think you will find yourself in better health once you make the transition...

As for the transition: it is really the hardest part. Your body has to adjust because the bacteria in your system needs to change in order to digest vegetables rather than meat. Also, the accumulated toxins in the meat you have been eating don't come out of your system until you stop eating it and your body starts to heal. It's kind of like quitting smoking or drinking coffee, honestly. For a few weeks, you may not feel so good as you make the change. During this time, getting tons of rest and drinking more water help a lot. You might need to sleep more. It's also a good idea to take Vitamin C, a good B-vitamin, and especially a zinc supplement as zinc depletion can occur during the transition (after the transition, you will be fine.) The one other suggestion I would make is that you consider taking a good digestive enzyme with your meals--it will help you digest the beans at first. A good probiotic will help your body kick the bad bacteria from eating meat out of your system. The week I went vegan was one of the hardest weeks in my life. But the rewards are so massive. It has changed how I look at everything and I am in better health than ever. However, the other times I tried, the veggie junk food was standing in my way. Anytime you are eating tons of processed foods you won't feel so good.

I grew up in a house with very few veggies, too, so I did not know how to cook them, either. One good way to get more veggies in your diet is to experiment with green smoothies. If you like fruit, make a smoothie with organic frozen baby spinach and soymilk added instead of yogurt. (A good recipe: 1 cup berries, 1 cup spinach, 1 banana, and add unsweetened soymilk, hempmilk, almond milk, or coconut milk to taste. You can use dates or maple syrup to make it sweeter if you have a sweet tooth. There are tons more recipes online everywhere these days.) These smoothies taste great. The spinach helps clean out your body and provides, calorie for calorie, more protein than meat. It's hard to get your mind around this at first, but the way our foods are packaged actually hides the fact that greens are a good source of protein. You can also use kale. If you are going to be a vegetarian, make friends with kale, as Dr. Fuhrman considers it a nutritionally perfect food. Even if you just add a few leaves to a smoothie, along with giving up meat, you'll be healthier than many Americans.

to be continued...


Yes it would be hard for you then. usually people who are vegetarians are people who loves to eat their fruits and veggies and don't really care about being able to eat meat.

i think you can eat meat in moderation and not worry about being unhealthy but eat your veggies and fruits too.


Hi, I am an off-again-on-again vegetarian(I have a weakness for chicken -_-'), and to get used to veggies, try as many as you can at first. There are so many out there, you are bound to find a bunch you like :) also taking small bites while sipping water helps you get used to the taste gradually. Another good way to get used to them, is to try them with other things that you already like, peanut butter on a celery stick, honey with peas, and butter with corn is great too. :)