Does SOUSE have the pig's skin in it too.?

I remember my grandmother making souse but I can't remember if she ground the pig's skin with the rest of the meat or not.This stuff is hard to find in the grocery.You can find what some say is souse but it nothing like what my grandma made.I want to make some but I'm not sure if she put the pig skin in or not -- please let me know


If she made it the traditional way it did, I make mine with all the parts of the shoulder and head I can find, I live in Toronto Canada and here we call it "Headcheese", I use ears, snouts, shoulder meat and pork hocks with the skin on, boiled with the spices, when it is fully cooked and the meat is shredable, I cool it, strain the liquid, chop the meat add some vinegar, seasonings and chopped onions to the broth, with these cuts of meat there is a natural gelatin, I some times add a bit of unflavoured gelatin for a firmer texture, I arrange the meat in small foil pans and pour over the liquid, chill it for 24 hours then cut it and serve with rye bread, buttered or not, onions preserved in vinegar and either beet salad or cucumbers in sour cream.


I have never tasted souse but dated someone who liked it. To directly answer your question, I would say yes, it does have the skin in it. The recipe listed at the source I posted looks like what he cooked. One note is that shadow beni/chadon beni can be difficult to find in the US but cilantro is a good substitute.


I believe the tradional way is abit creamy looking where the regular is the clear gelatin. I hope you can find a country market and they have it.

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I do think they put in the skins. all of the pig is used- no waste. Also if you have a amish market around there like we do here in marylnd they should have really good souse. I buy it for my mom alot, she says its real good. They sell it two ways traditional and also regular.

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SOUSE,is good eatin,along with scrapple,mush,anything fried in lard,I render my own.Hey I cook I don't doctor,at least people.

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