Is eating too much chili bad?

i eat alot of chili all the time...i put tapatio on mostly all my foods! when i eat soups i put so much that they turn red! can it be bad for me?


It is bad for you. Your tastebuds will soon be almost "immune" to chilli. You keep putting on more and more everyday. Also, eating spicy foods all the time can kill your stomach layers and also lead to more heart problems in the future. My dad has lots of problems with this. I suggest you don't continue putting so much, just maybe reduce little by little.




Yes, it might make your kiss too hot to handle. But overtime you will find you will have to eat more and more chili to get a good burn. Chili can be good for getting blood flowing through your body but the more you eat the more you need for the chili to be hot. You might even want to start eating cayenne peppers later if you can't taste the heat of the chili anymore.


Eating too much of anything is bad for you.