Can a Bacardi Breezer damage your liver/anything else?

Because I want to get drunk, but don't want it damaging any of my organs!


If you drink 10 every week you will start to get unhealthy over a few years.

If you drink responsibly once a month or more you have no worries.

Goodluck and enjoy


Just go for it. Guessing by the fact that you want to drink breezers that you are young, and the younger you are the faster your body heals


If your point is to get drunk, you're running the risk of organ damage, sorry. Anything with alcohol could do it.


any alchohal taking more will damage ur liver.


Bacardi Breezer is as good or bad as any other alcoholic drink. Only, we make a mix but this comes mixed like an Instant drink. What other alcoholic drinks do BB also does.


Lass, jes' livin' be damagin' to yer internals. Ye jes' gotta enjoy the damage whilst ye can!


Organ damage from alcohol does not happen over night; it happens from constant alcohol abuse over a period of time.


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