What happens to you when you drink a four loko?

im 5'5 and 130 pounds. if i were to drink half a can what would happpen? what about if i drank a full can? and also, how long will it keep you wasted for? would anyy of you reccomend it? thankkkk you(:


You sound new to drinking and you are pretty smallt, so half a can would probably get you very tipsy and a full can would probably get you plastered.

Half a can is like 3 beers and a full one is about 6.


If you drink a half a can you will belch. If you drink a full can you will belch and be slightly buzzed.


hahahaha 10%-12% alcohol!? lmao! wow you're a bunch of lightweights over there lmao


have like 4 bud lights and you'll be fine


I drank a blue raspberry Four Loko last night on an empty stomach. I got pretty buzzed. You will too, even if you've eaten recently, as long as you swill it. In all honesty.. Four Lokos are pretty nasty and I don't recommend it, LOL! Tastes like cough syrup! But it will get you to where you want to go..

Edit: I'd say it'll keep you buzzed or at least feeling the effects for a good three hours.