How long can I keep unopened hot dogs out of the fridge?

How log can I keep an unopened package of hot dogs out of the refrigerator for, and still eat them?


Two hours, then you must cook them again. Whereas they only needed heating through when they were refrigerated. Listeria is a common bacterium in processed meats. Hot dogs and cold cuts are often a source of this bacteria. BTW, I hope that no one who is pregnant is eating them.


Even if they have preservatives, I wouldn't leave anything thing out from the fridge any longer than 2 hours.


It is the best for eating in one week ,or it will not be health for our body.


There's so much salt in hot dogs, they probably don't need any refrigeration to begin with (just kidding) ... easily 4-6 hours, probably longer. Just cook them thoroughly before eating.


Hot dogs are pre-cooked, so you don't have to worry too much about bacteria like salmonella. I wouldn't leave them out for more than half a day or so. They might start to get slimy or dry out if you wait much longer. Maybe put them in a cooler instead if they can't go in the fridge.


I'm gonna go with 4 hours, max.

They are not sterile, you know. Things will grow.

Be sure to cook them thoroughly if you have left them sitting out.

They might not have Salmonella, but they might contain Listeria, which is much more dangerous to get.


There should be a "sell by" or "consume by" date on the pack. Dont go past that.