Does eating really hot and spicy foods make your butt hurt when you poop?!?

Okay so I hate asking this question. But does it? I love trying new types of Ramen in different flavors. And I asked my mom to get me ramen from the store that was called spicy chicken ramen. And when she came back she told me all she could find was Instant ramen in a cup called Hot and Spicy Chicken Ramen. And that wasn't it. But I ate it last night anyway. And only half of it cause it started to burn my esophagus... Anyway I ate it around 7pm last night. And I just went to the BR about 15 mins ago at 12. And I was constipated. But I only pooped out a little little bit. And it burned like hell on the sun! So Does this happen?


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It really depends on how long you hold it and what food you were eating. If you were eating straight Ghost Chili Peppers, you would definetly feel it taking a dump. Its because the chemicals don't get digested as well, so it would be the equivalent of rubbing tabasco sauce on your butt. :PP


to be honest asians eat a lot of spicy foods and when you use the bathroom you don't even want to sit down after your done.




It's the capsaicin in the peppers. It's still there after the peppers are dried and ground into powdered spices.


If you dunk a whole gallon of hot sauce onto your rice, then yeah.

It depends the amount of spicy-ness you add to the food


Oh yes...but the pain is worth Well, might not be worth it for Ramen, but some things are worth it....


Yes it does! suppose youd get used to it after a few times haha!


oh yes my husband love hot! spicy foo and when it pooped it was burn baby burn it burned but that still did not stop him from eating spicy food