My enchiladas are a soggy mess. Tips?

I put cheese and veg in corn tortillas, cover with sauce, bake. I end up with a dish that is tasty but not cohesive; the tortillas always start to dissolve in the sauce. I am never able to remove one enchilada at a time from the pan -- the tortillas are swollen with sauce, soggy and collapsed.

I have tried just heating the tortillas, and frying them. I would expect better results from frying but no deal.

The sauce is homemade from a variety of peppers and a bit of tomato and onion. The fillings are straightforward.

The tortillas may not be the greatest; I am in Canada and good Latin American anything is not so easy to come by.

Why are they always so soggy and messy, and what can I do to get them to stay neat rolled things with cohesive tortillas?

Any general enchilada tips appreciated -- in Canada it is not so easy to go off and see how one's Granny makes her renowned enchiladas; just not that common a dish here, sadly...


Too much liquid is the obvious problem, you need to remove liquid from your recipe. Veggies hold a lot of water so cook em first. Roast the onions peppers or whatever in the oven 350o 20-30 min. and pat dry.

The sauce too needs to be cooked down thick enough that it doesn't wet the tortillas. Cut back on the amount of sauce, the enchiladas aren't supposed to be swimming like pasta; just enough to make the cheese stick. Use two tortillas to wrap the mixture and make sure they're tight and not cramped, they'll cook to each other. If using meat drain out and save the juices and make sure it's good and shredded it'll hold liquid better. Also don't cook it too long, all the ingredients are cooked already so you are really just heating it to 140o then uncovering to brown the cheese. Let it set a while before cutting, it needs to rest and it will evaporate off and swallow up some more moisture.


do not pour the sauce over the enchiladas before you bake them. take the raw corn tortilla and just dip it into the sauce, covering both sides and then fill and roll. place about 1/2 cup of sauce in the bottom of your baking pan and place the rolled tortillas on it. cover with foil and bake until hot through about 25-30 minutes, depending on the temperature of your filling ingredients. Remove from the oven and uncover, top the enchiladas with the remaining sauce (heated separately), shredded cheese and any other topping you want to use, you can return to the oven for 5 minutes or so to melt the cheese if you want. Enjoy!

hope this helps.


maybe try putting your sauce on halfway through cooking?


That's what she said.


Your sauce is too thin...



I usually use flour tortillas, although when I have used corn tortillas I don't recall having the disintegration issue. It could be the brand of tortilla you're using. I use Mission brand, but I don't know whether you get this brand in Canada.


True enchiladas are not baked, ever. Have your fillings hot (cheese will melt once rolled up) and heat both sides of your tortillas in a bit of hot oil to soften it before wrapping it up. Then top with hot sauce, eat right away.

That said, I do bake mine sometimes if I need to prep in advance. I don't have your issue so it could be a problem with the tortillas (great Mex food resources in my city) or your sauce.