Can I make Rose sauce by mixing Marinara and Alfredo sauces together?

I just made fresh marinara sauce, but my daughter only likes alfredo or rose sauce on pasta. Can I mix some marinara and alfredo sauce together to make a rose sauce?

Thanks in advance!


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Sure, since the only difference is the cream adding the Alfredo will make it a lovely rich rose sauce.


Interesting idea! 'Way to think outside of the box!


I dont think so, It may taste weird but if thats what you like i say go for it..


mary rose sauce is also know as seafood sauce :o)


Just stir in cream or half & half into the marinara sauce. Don't add Alfredo sauce.


I've never heard the combination called "rose sauce" before, but it is a standard in some restaurants and it's very good!


If your referring to Mary Rose Sauce then you cant use alfredo sauce no.. you can use the Marinara sauce, but you will need mayonnaise to make Mary Rose Sauce


Mary Rose sauces is equal parts ketchup and mayonaise with a little lemon juice used as dip for seafood.

Rosé: (note the accent on the e) there are 2 common versions. One is made rosé wine. The other is a tomato based sauce that contains heavy cream. Alfredo contains ingredients not found in rosé but it won't hurt to see if she like the combination.