What is the difference between tabouli and couscous?

Can you use couscous to make tabouli?


Ackk! I can't believe it. 3 answers and all of them wrong. One of them got it right as far as tabouli being bulgar wheat and couscous being tiny pasta. But tabouli is not "made of bulgar" it is whole bulgar grains, dried and slightly cracked for faster cooking. (It still takes about as long as brown rice to cook.) The preparation w/ mint, parsley, onions or scallions, lemon juice and olive oil takes its name from the name of the cracked grain. So made w/ anything else, like couscous, it is not tabouli. That would be like calling orzo pasta salad, "rice salad" b/c they look about the same and you used the same dressing on the pasta salad that you usually use when you make rice salad.

Made in the style of tabouli, it would be a couscous salad, and it sounds tasty. Couscous outside of North Africa & Arabia is wheat flour made into such tiny beads that one just pours hot water on it and lets it stand w/ no additional heat for 5 minutes to cook. (In the places I mentioned, it has a core of a coarser granules similar to farina, is larger and is cooked differently.)

Couscous is usually made w/ white flour, but if you look around a little you can often find whole wheat couscous. To my mind the whole wheat has better flavor, while still being quite mild tasting.


Taboulli is made from bulghur wheat. Couscous is tiny pasta.

But yes, I think couscous in taboulli w/ all the mint and parsely woudl be great!


Tabouli is already cooked in a salad form, couscous is raw and need to be cooked.


cous-cous is an uncooked pasta, not a grain. taboulleh refers to the dish where the cous-cous is cooked and blended with chopped mint, parsley, onion and tomato.


Couscous is usually a rice dish, its really good! And tabouli is more of a salad, but with MUCH smaller pieces than a normal salad. Yes, in my family we use couscous to make tabouli. It gives it more texture and flavor, although you don't have to use couscous. Tabouli is usually made with parsley, garlic, mint, tomatoes, wheat, and onions. The only reason couscous is added is to add more texture, and because of tradition. Like my parents added it, so I also add it. And yes, you can use couscous to make tabouli. Hope i helped! ^_^


Tabouli is a Middle-Eastern dish that consists of wheat, parsley, tomatoes, usually lemon juice, and other spices. Couscous is not one specific dish, but can be an ingredient in many different dishes. It is similar to a rice or wheat grain. It is a bunch of very small grains that get puffy and sticky when cooked. The only real similarity between couscous and tabouli is that tabouli has wheat in it, which has a similar consistency to couscous. Couscous can, however, be made to taste like tabouli by adding the same ingredients that tabouli has, but replacing the wheat with the couscous.