How much alcohol is there in WKD vodka blue?

I very rarely drink, last night i shared large bottle of it with a friend who drinks more regulary than me (not an alcoholic btw!), we were both not even tipsy, but i read that it has more alcohol in than beer and wine?


all the WKD products are 5% alcohol




I had no opportunity to consume the brand. But, I think, it will be more than 5-6 in my opinion, compared to beer and wine which contain more than 11-12.


IT has nowhere near as much alcohol in it as wine....

I think it is 5.5% which is about the same as a premium lager... but wine is often 12% or more.

Even the most lightweight of people would find it hard to get tipsy by sharing a bottle of it.

Now put the little girl's drinks down and go get a proper one!

(unless you're under 18 of course!) :)


Wkd has an alcohol content of 4%, which is similar to a weak beer.


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