How do you get hard white sugar to go soft again?

My bag of white extra fine granulated sugar has gone hard and I was sondering if any of you know how to soften it up again. It's a full bag thats just been sitting in the cubord for a while. Then I have half a bag that went hard sitting in the fridge. Can you help?


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It got hard becuase moisture got in it.

Never keep flour or sugar in the fridge. There is Tons of moisture in the fridge.

Keep the dry goods in an airtight conatiner in the cupboard of you live in a humid climate.

Put the sugar in a plastic bag. If it fits ina ziplock baggie that would be best. If not us a couple grocery bags.

Try dropping the sugar on the hard floor (like you do with a bag of ice), if it's nto to set that should break it up.

If that doesn;t work put it in a large bowl and use somehting such as a sputua, etc as a chicsle and break it loose. You don't need all the graunale seperate, small chucnks are okay.


Break it up with a spoon back to the right size?


Add water LOL


you dont need to keep sugar in a fridge ever,if it has gone hard just hit it with a rolling pin


put it ina bowl and start breaking the pieces apart witha spoon


it needs to be heated so that the molecules will relax.. When its cold they bond together so try leaving it out on the counter for a while


To soften very hard BROWN sugar, I place a slice of bread in the bag and seal it back up again. This softens the sugar within two to three days. You might try the same thing with white sugar. It might work.


if i remember right someone puts a piece of bread in their sugar to keep it from getting hard... i know we did at some point but then the bread got stale and didn't do its job...

I couldn't tell ya how long it would take for it to get soft though.