Is lactaid milk supposed to smell bad?

I've been using lactaid milk in my cereal lately, and I decided to smell it the other day and it smelled like rotten baby milk throw up. The expiration date is in March, so is it supposed to smell like that?


No. It doesn't have lactose sugar in it, which means it's still milk. It should smell similar to milk. The thing about milk like "Lactaid" and "Silk Soymilk" is that their expiration date may be for many months to come, but once you open it, you have to drink it within 5 to 7 days. You really need to throw it away.

Jan 20 at 14:11

yes it is.

Jan 20 at 17:57

yeah, it smells like baby formula to me.

Jan 20 at 22:6

At my job we use lactaid for people who can't drink milk. I've always found the scent disgusting, especially when steamed. I once asked a customer about it and she said it was normal. I've gone through hundreds of cartons of it and they've always smelled the same - like "rotten baby milk throw up". ;)

Jan 21 at 2:38

I bought a gallon of Lactaid and it smelled like raw sewage. I almost threw up from the smell. What on earth would they put in this milk to make it smell so awful?

This can't be good for consumers.

Jan 21 at 7:34