What are those vegans that won't eat anything that has a shadow called?

There are a type of vegans that won't eat anything that has a shadow..anyone know what the name for them is?


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They're called vegans. It's just one of the cutsy ways they use to describe their diet. They also say they'll eat nothing "with a face" or "that has a mother", etc.


anoerxic people that are looking for an excuse what doesnt have a shadow?


dead, everything has a shadow.


Hungry! Everything has a shadow.



Seriously unless you intend to only eat algae, what doesn't cast a shadow?


I am a vegan but have never heard of that saying before. Everything has a shadow even an apple tree so it does not make sense.


A level 5 vegan


No. There isn't. That's actually one of the dumber things I've heard this year.