How do I blend an onion without a blender?

This seems ridiculous even to me. I am in the middle of making kimchi and I just discovered my blender is leaking like mad. I've already chopped everything up so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to blend an onion without a blender. I don't think it is safe to use blender while it is leaking. Thanks for your suggestions


Use a garlic mincer......


use a food processor


First you should chop up the onio into small peices. as small as possible. then you might want to squish them. i spoon can work. use something that you can smash them with. the onions wont turn out as slushy as it would when you blend it but it will turn out mushy. thats all i got


I think you either left off the gasket on your blender, or you put it on wrong. Take the blender apart and find the rubber ring at the bottom, which comes out. Wash out your blender and reassemble it, this time make sure you have the gasket facing the right way and in the proper position. Then, try again.

Anyhow, I am sure that chopping your onion up finely will work just as well. The ancient Koreans who invented kimchi certainly did not have blenders.